Kitchen Inspiration

Maximise Bench Space

Declutter your kitchen by hanging up your most common cooking utensils.  

Permastik™ Small Clear Kitchen Hooks are perfect for hanging kitchen utensils.

Wait one hour after installing to hang your utensils.

Tea & Coffee Station

Utilise valuable wall space to get the most out of your kitchen.

Create a tea and coffee station using Mug Hooks and Removable Utility Shelf to display your tea and  supplies.

Permastik™ Mug Hooks are the ideal way to store your cups and mugs, so why not store them right next to your coffee machine and kettle.

Wait one hour before hanging mugs.

Display your tea collection with the
Permastik™ Removable Utility Shelf. The included hooks are a great place to store you tea diffusers and scoops as well.

Remember to follow all Permastik™ packaging instructions for correct surface preparation, installation and recommended hanging weight.